Bar Stool Shenanigans

Ever see those guys at the bar laughing and talking loudly. That’s us, talking everything from sports to movies. Pull up a stool and join the fun and shenanigans. Follow us on Twitter @barstooltalk

March 30th, 2016    

Episode 33

Beer review of Guiness Extra Stout, Wrestling memories, NBA Playoffs or March Madness, and Pick Your Band Fantasy Lineup


March 23rd, 2016    

Episode 32

Beer Review of Billy's Chiles, best of Cardinals last 20 years, March Madness upsets, Joe Maddon-isms, and #typicalRamsmove


March 21st, 2016    

Episode 31

Beer review of Aldi O'Shea Irish Stout, NFL doing their best Pro Wrestling imitation, and selfie's with dolphins


March 15th, 2016    

Episode 30

Beer review of Four Hands' Devils Invention (Coffee Stout), the Winter Classic coming to St. Louis, SNL's Jay Pharoah, and hipster reviews. 


March 2nd, 2016    

Episode 29

Beer review of Modus Hoperandi, the reality show of politics, growth of athletes, and Tom has fun with drops.