Bar Stool Shenanigans

Ever see those guys at the bar laughing and talking loudly. That’s us, talking everything from sports to movies. Pull up a stool and join the fun and shenanigans. Follow us on Twitter @barstooltalk

September 29th, 2015    

Episode 11, Round 2

(Shot Time/Jukebox) The wonders of Yogi Berra, crazy start to NFL season, kids toy makers, pharmaceutical companies, coaches/athletes contracts, and Matthew McConaughey.


September 24th, 2015    

Episode 11, Round 1

(Hair of the Dog/Local Brew) This round we talk about which Matt Carpenter do you like, the power hitter or average hitter? The lack of running game for both the Rams and Mizzou; and Ken Hitchcock using Ice Hockey video game tactics for creating his Blues lineups. 


September 22nd, 2015    

Keg Stand (Sept. 21)

It's a quick burst of fun from Bar Stool Shenanigans. We talk about right to boo college athletes, Cubs/Cards bean ball war, and the Rams as underdogs. 


September 19th, 2015    

Episode 10, Round 3

(Trivia/Most Interesting Question) We test the guys knowledge about their high school alma mater, find out what our favorite music genre, and talk Mario Kart and our favorite video game systems. 


September 16th, 2015    

Episode 10, Round 2

(Shot Time/Jukebox) This round we take a shot at pro athletes turned tv analysts, discuss Scott Boras' new role as a pitching coach, and talk about our love of Hawaiian pizza and provel cheese!


September 10th, 2015    

Football Preview 2015

Everything you need to know about the 2015 football season; college and NFL!


September 8th, 2015    

Episode 10, Round 1

(Hair of the Dog/Local Brew) Find out all about our biking adventures, a night at Talyana's, the latest updates on proposed new NFL stadium, and the bright future of Mizzou football! 


September 2nd, 2015    

Episode 9, Round 3

(Shenanigans) This round of shenanigans includes trivia of foreign titles for American movies plus we talk about our favorite Seinfeld episode and what our walk-up song would be.